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New Features

  • By right clicking on a container in the Twonky Server WebUI one gets the option to add this container to 'Favorites'. Favorites are listed as new node for browsing Twonky Server. The Favorites node is only listed if not empty.
  • Activation of end user license keys now requires a Lynx account. Through this account Twonky Server instances are managed in the Lynx backend. The same account can be utilized to connect the SmartLynx engine with the Lynx backend.
  • New smart playlists for songs, pictures and videos that have been added same day. They are called "New Today".


  • added client adaptation for Sony PlayStation 4

  • added accounting error codes for new handling of licenses in the Lynx backend

  • added an INI setting to remove the M-DMS device class from the server's device description

  • added an INI setting to set the "artist" property based on the "albumartist" metadata in the media file.

  • added date property to music albums containers

  • added rpc call get_thumbnail_url that retrieves the url of a media item's thumbnail from its file path

  • added subtitle support for Samsung TV J  and M series

  • added support for file extension .midi

  • added support for more subtitle formats for Samsung TV, added general support for timed-text (.ttxt) subtitle format

  • fixed display of high resolution photos on Sony BluRay players

  • improved album art support for Kodi player

  • improved device handling in the client list

  • improved discovery of Chromecast devices

  • improved robustness when scanning corrupted .wav files

  • improved support for iPhoto [Mac only]

  • internal files for eventing of removable volume(s) are now stored directly on the external volume(s)

  • not showing MIDI and WMAPRO audio for Samsung TV anymore

  • now parsing duration from ID3-tagged FLAC files

Bug fixes

  • fixed a buffer overflow in the multibyte character conversion
  • fixed a crash when scanning large .wav music files
  • fixed album art sometimes missing in .flac audio content
  • fixed beaming to Denon DWS-1000
  • fixed broken restart behavior for upload and mirror locations
  • fixed buffer overrun caused by multibyte-character encoding conversion [Mac only]
  • fixed certificate verification in TLS-module
  • fixed crash if server is stopped shortly after start
  • fixed crash on shutdown
  • fixed crash when user configured specific language variants (e.g. English US instead of just English) [Mac only]
  • fixed crashes in MP3 and Wave scanners
  • fixed escaping of titles in the parent lists in the RSS server feeds
  • fixed import of iTunes database [Linux only]
  • fixed memory leak in TLS-module
  • fixed missing duration of songs imported from iTunes
  • fixed name handling for Chromecast devices
  • fixed possible crashes and unresponsiveness after waking up [Mac only]
  • fixed possible shutdown when server follows symbolic links by scanning a shared folder [Linux only]
  • fixed retrieval of date property in .mp3 and .wav audio content
  • fixed start failure if server cannot get the preferred language of the user [Mac only]
  • fixed that .wav files remain locked after scan
  • fixed that playback of a video ends 1 second before the total duration
  • iTunes playlists are no longer imported automatically [Windows only]
  • server adapted to the changed behavior of CTT test case
  • server did a frequent lookup of server managed directories if these do not exist on startup
  • server does not handle extensions in playlists case insensitive [Mac only]
  • server installation is now enforced to be in Applications [Mac only]
  • fixed that webUI admin passwords did not support special characters
  • Sort order in folders fixed, if use_filename_in_folderview is set and explicit sort by title is requested

Known issues

  • subtitle support is broken with Netgem player
  • the control point window from the web UI sometimes sticks to mouse pointer
  • "My Russound" app does not show the correct album art when used with Twonky Server
  • UPnP inspector gets confused when Twonky Server provides multiple artist tags with different roles
  • audiobooks can not be aggregated by other Twonky Servers
  • beaming media from Mediatomb to Samsung TV D series does not work
  • duration calculation of MPEG2TS files is not accurate if timeseek generation is disabled
  • error in Mac OS logs for filedb-delete is actually only a warning; operation is not impacted
  • thumbnails of some rotated images do not show up correctly in webUI
  • updating from 7.x to 8.x with preserve settings leaves some files in c:\
  • new translation strings are missing for Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean

QA information



UCTT 2.0.72

LPTT 2.0.37


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