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If the REST API is used with an DTCP-IP enabled Twonky Server, then support for moving or copying DTCP protected content to other DTCP enabled media servers ("DTCP push move") is available.
To help determine if a Twonky Server is DTCP enabled and is supporting this feature, the UPnP device description XML of the server contains the following tags:
<pv:extension xmlns:pv="">dtcp-push</pv:extension>

To determine if an intended target media server supports this feature, the UPnP device description XML of this server must expose the following tags:
<dlna:X_DLNACAP xmlns:dlna="urn:schemas-dlna-org:device-1-0">av-upload,image-upload,audio-upload,dtcp-copy,dtcp-move</dlna:X_DLNACAP>

These tags and data can be accessed through the web API of the Client SDK through the metadata of a selected media server.

Please see "dtcp_content_upload" and "dtcp_get_capabilities" in the Client SDK RPC for further details on the "DTCP push move" feature.

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