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An application using the REST APIs can implement any kind of home network audio, video or image control functionality, from a generic AV controller application to a dedicated picture slideshow controller that allows watching photos on your TV set, controlled from a mobile phone. These APIs allow controlling the Twonky DLNA stack through a set of REST calls and retrieve metadata in RSS or JSON format.

The Twonky DLNA stack implements the UPnP AV Control Point (CP) and DLNA Digital Media Controller (DMC). This includes the media server control point (MSCP) and media renderer control point (MRCP) functionality as well as DLNA upload and download controller. This functionality allows to control UPnP and DLNA based home network media servers like Twonky Server and Microsoft Windows Media Player Sharing as well as any UPnP AV and DLNA based media renderer devices.

This document is the technical specification of these REST APIs. It assumes the reader is familiar with related web technologies and standards, as well as with the basics of UPnP and DLNA home network technology. Some features of the REST APIs are only available in case the client is integrated with a DTCP-IP enabled Twonky Server.

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