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The REST API consists of two modules that enable developers to utilize the underlying DLNA stack through standard HTTP requests. One module provides the functionality to browse servers and renderers and the according queues (available at http://..../nmc/rss). The data is returned either as RSS XML or as JSON. The second module enables the developer to utilize the APIs to select and control renderers and to manage the play queues. This module (available at http://..../nmc/rpc) exposes the APIs via HTTP GET requests and a specific syntax in the URLs.

Together with Twonky Server an example web-based JavaScript user interface implementation is provided (available at http://..../nmc/web), which should be used as a reference for the correct usage of the API. The web UI of Twonky Server itself contains a control point fully based on these interfaces and is hence the best example how to interact with them.

Access Restrictions

Access to the REST API can be configured with the INI property enablenmcwebapi.

Possible values:

  • 0: disabled
  • 1: enabled (default)
  • 2: local access only (from 8.1.2 on)

Note: Since 8.1.2 this property cannot be changed during run-time using an HTTP RPC call anymore. The INI file or command-line arguments are expected to contain the correct value at startup of Twonky Servers or client.

The property can be changed at any time via NMC IOCTL NMC_IOCTL_SET_INI_PROPERTY / "SetIniProperty" and takes effect immediately unless the initial value was 0. In this case the property can be changed, but has no effect as the according handlers are not available.

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