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Bug fixes

  • fixed a problem where Twonky Server lost track of all downloaded content after upgrading or reinstalling
  • Twonky Server now cleans up all temporary files after upgrades
  • fixed HEAD request in certain condition on LPCM content (leads to random CTT failure)
  • fixed a problem where Twonky Server would never stop to scan content
  • retain now twonky-locations.db on database rebuild (keep location related settings)
  • fixed a bug where Twonky Server failed to share UNC network shares

Known issues

  • sometimes content from USB drive is not indexed by Twonky Server unless the server is restarted
  • sometimes servers available for aggregation are not discovered
  • audio album art is broken when installing Twonky Server 8.0.1 with "preserve settings" over 7.2.8 on Windows
  • Improvements

    • improved interoperability with future Samsung TVs
    • added option to show filenames with or without file extension in folder view
    • dc:date now delivered in long format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss for all DTCP items
    • derive dc:date in long format from modificationtime if required by client
    • enhanced 'filename_in_folderview' ini-option to show filenames with or without extension
    • performance improvement for items in Twonky Server's file cache
    • performance improvement when accessing audio file's album art
    • use duration provided by external source or secure storage header for MPEG2TS content

    Bug fixes

    • Twonky Server now preserves users and roles when installing with preserve settings
    • dc:date provided in long format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss if available
    • enable "fast aggregation" for 8.x servers
    • fixed "Invalid license" problem when upgrading from Twonky 7 --> Twonky 8 and APPDATA inside DBDIR
    • fixed a number of problems around imported media items
    • fixed a problem where user selected navigation tree and client selection was not stored upon server restart
    • fixed album art not showing on certain devices (e.g. ONKYO TX-NR 809) because album art URI exceeded 127 characters
    • fixed occasional UPnP upload failures during UPnP certification tests
    • fixed occasional endless loop when AirPlay device was found in the network
    • fixed stack overflow while aggregating Plex server
    • hide internal containers in navigation tree builder
    • webUI: beam/play icon is only shown if there is at least one item in the container

    Known issues

    • UPnP inspector gets confused when Twonky Server provides multiple artist tags with different roles
    • Xbox One has problems displaying photos from aggregated servers
    • duration attribute is not returned in CreateObject response
    • occasionally, moving DTCP content from DiXiM's PC server may fail (sent RST packet before ack received)
    • some new messages are not available in all translated languages and will show up in English
    • updating from 7.x to 8.x with preserve settings leaves some files in c:\
    • occasionally, Twonky license key input results in “invalid key” on Linux systems
      • workaround: remove the appdata folder and try again
    • multi-user
      • container album art for multi-user content is brokenonly works for Guest account
      • duplicate removal in multi-user mode does not work as expected
      • nested folders can cause issues with multi-user setup
      • restricted permission to multi-user content is signaled as no content shared
      • playing or beaming a container in By Date navigation results in "container empty" message
      • multiuser mode inconsistent for duplicates with different permissions
    • webUI
      • thumbnails of some rotated images do not show up correctly in webUI
      • sometimes webUI with Opera does not show any thumbnails


    QA information

    CTT 9 passed

    MCVT 8 passed

    UPnP CTT 2.0.59 60 passed

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