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Bug Fixes

  • fixed beaming of slide shows to Roku in bad network conditions (e.g. slow networks)
  • slideshow delay was longer than 5s after manual skip fixed discovery issues
  • fixed OutOfMemory exception leading to application crash
  • fixed a problem where Twonky Server lost track of all downloaded content after upgrading or reinstalling

    New Features

    • added support to configure DMR screen resolution with DMRCP_PROP_MAX_RESOLUTION
    • added 64-bit support for TSDK (iOS)


    • allow client to browse into an empty well-known bookmark container
    • enabled SetNext support for Xbox One
    • improved interoperability with future Samsung TVs
    • added new API on Android in RendererContext for getting current transport actions from renderer
    • added new API on iOS in NMCRendererContext for getting current transport actions from renderer


    • deprecated SHARE_ITUNES and getLocalFileObjectID (Android)
    • deprecated TMSOptionShareiTunes and getLocalFileObjectID (iOS)

    Bug Fixes

    • backward skipping works now also in non-random queue modes
    • beaming content from Dropbox works again
    • fixed a number of problems when doing follow-me scenarios; overall robustness against client behavior significantly improved
    • fixed occasional deadlock when clearing a queue immediately after playback
    • fixed occasional disconnection from Apple TV during playback
    • fixed stack overflow happened while browsing plex server which returned same children over and over
    • resolution checking now picks the correct resources for very high resolutions
    • database is kept whenever possible after upgrading application on Android
    • download manager no longer uses a hardcoded secure storage path
    • fixed multipled issues in MediaResource class
    • fixed online services for Android Lollipop devices
    • NMCAsyncListener::onAsyncResult executed in a seperate thread
    • fixed issue where mp4/mov content was incorrectly recognised as non-DLNA content

    Known Issues

    • CTT fails for DMC test (bug filed with DLNA)
    • Twonky Proxy sometimes discovered as server
    • Beaming issues
      • XBox360 does not support beaming online content
      • cannot beam multiple items to Xbox One
      • issues with XBMC and picture beaming


    QA information

    CTT passed
    MCVT passed
    UPnP CTT 2.0.51 passed
    LPTT 1.22.4 passed 
    LPTT CVP 2.0.16 passed