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New features

  • added dynamic transcoding, time seek and version check to media file plugin API
  • added support for .thm files as video thumbnails


  • improved performance of view creation
  • improved server scanning performance (iOS)
  • "by Date" containers now show items sorted by "dc:date"
  • "by Folder" containers now show items sorted by "dc:title" or filename with/without extension
  • AAC file scanner can now calculate the duration for VBR files
  • API changes
    • "disablemf" no longer available as ini parameter - "disablemf=1" to be replaced with "enablereporting=0"
    • "info_connected_clients" now contains device type
  • MPEG video files with .mpv extension are now also scanned
  • added several file extensions to already supported content formats
  • alpha grouping now works with Japanese characters
  • database will now be reused after a minor version update
  • inotify watcher is no longer added if the folder is in the ignoredir list
  • multiuser db is recreated in case current multiuser db could not be read
  • server managed directories are  by default created in the user's home directory on Linux systems
  • server now accepts upper and lower case file extensions for .ifo files as used for CTT testing
  • updated client adaptation for Naim devices

Bug fixes

  • fixed login for multi user access
  • fixed seeking to the very beginning of a DTCP file
  • UpdateObject
    • now works for user "admin" when multi-user is enabled
    • now works when upload is disabled
  • CTT fix: Twonky Server has no longer DASH_MPD in ProtocolInfo when no dash content is shared
  • LG TV set can now display subtitle files with capital letters for extension
  • Fixed plugin directive from import files
  • pv:lastUpdated sort property restored as described in our API documentation
  • Twonky Server no longer creates a backup of if it is terminated before initial scan is completed
  • Twonky Server no longer registers on when enablereporting=0
  • added rpc/stat?initial_scan_time for performance measurements
  • container update event ids are now reset when server is started
  • fixed DLNA_PN property for DTCP protected files
  • fixed broken album art when installing Twonky Server 8.0.1 with "preserve settings" over 7.2.8
  • fixed compatibility of Twonky Library on Mac OS with Yosemite update
  • fixed issue with duplicated items in views when a share is deleted while Twonky Server is offline
  • fixed multi-user login to webUI
  • fixed possible buffer overflow during view-creation
  • fixed scheduled scan time with absolute dates
  • fixed that DTCP live streams were aborted when live media buffers were partially filled
  • fixed that the views cache was inconsistent when predefined and custom views were changed while the server was not running
  • fixed uninitialized memory access detected by valgrind
  • ionice support was not correctly initialized and therefore not working
  • items were not sorted correctly in smart playlists last played, last viewed and recently added
  • fixed that multi-user/shares differed from sharing/shares
  • playcount and lastplayed time for pictures are now correct
  • removed broken links in web config pages for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • some audio files with .asf extension were treated as video content
  • sometimes views got corrupted after content was deleted on disk
  • the location appdata/shared is no longer disabled after a restart
  • webUI: local renderer can now  be reopened for control

Known issues

  • sometimes content from USB drive is not indexed by Twonky Server unless the server is restarted
  • sometimes servers available for aggregation are not discovered
  • audio album art is broken when installing Twonky Server 8.0.1 with "preserve settings" over 7.2.8 on Windows
  • multi-user
    • container album art for multi-user content is broken
    • duplicate removal in multi-user mode does not work as expected
    • nested folders can cause issues with multi-user setup
    • restricted permission to multi-user content is signaled as no content shared
  • webUI
    • playing or beaming a container in By Date navigation results in "container empty" message
    • thumbnails of some rotated images do not show up correctly in webUI
    • sometimes webUI with Opera does not show any thumbnails

QA information

CTT passed

MCVT passed

UPnP CTT 2.0.59 passed


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