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New features

  • CVP-2: DIAGE added
  • added ChromeCast support
  • added INI_CHROMECAST_RECEIVER_APP_ID for Chromcast configuration
  • added cloud services support
  • added isAccountRoot, isConfigured and isOnlineService metadata for cloud services
  • added new APIs for authorizeURL and handle authCallback for cloud services
  • added option to disable AirPlay and/or Roku LDMR
  • Android: added ChromeCast device discovery and LDMR creation functionality
  • Android: implemented beaming of image content to ChromeCast
  • Android: implemented beaming of video and audio content to ChromeCast
  • iOS: added ChromeCast device discovery and LDMR creation functionality
  • iOS: implemented beaming of image content to ChromeCast
  • iOS: implemented beaming of video and audio content to ChromeCast


  • TLS: TLS-extensions (RFC 4366) for CVP-2
  • TLS: certificates issued by CyberTrust are accepted
  • TLS: improved version-handling of different TLS versions
  • TLS: support for X509 certificates with EC-DSA
  • string pool performance improved
  • LDMR device description may contain 3rd party namespaces
  • added delayed resolving to the proxy
  • added event on change of playspeed
  • added that when sleep mode is on/off LDMS detected/lost events are send accordingly
  • added tm_dmrcp_get_scaled_image_url(), tm_queue_get_scaled_image_url(), tm_dmscp_get_scaled_image_url()
  • changed tm_dmrcp_get_playspeed to return current playspeed of renderers
  • improved proxy buffering for online content
  • no longer sending thumbnails of unsupported items to renderers
  • no longer using the app context in async API, so that it can be freed without waiting for the callback
  • added isSameDevice() method to Android SDK ServerContext
  • added item resource selection callback to LocalRenderer API
  • iOS: added NMCServerContext::getCountAsync API
  • iOS: changed DownloadManager target download folder

Bug Fixes

  • fixed music playback for AppleTV
  • fixed an issue where after last video in the queue AppleTV doesn't return directly to home screen
  • fixed cache cleaner to clean only old data
  • fixed issue whith queue cloning when both renderers are remote
  • fixed proxy to handle charset in mime type properly
  • fixed res element for direct url to not include zero content length
  • fixed server update notification originated from online services
  • fixed that beaming to Roku sometimes stops after 45 seconds
  • fixed DTCP key pack write method to prevent potential data corruption due to power off
  • fixed an issue where beaming images to Twonky DMR caused queue to stop working
  • fixed the issue that an item from the previous queue still played after clearing the queue
  • [iOS] Update TSDK-premium to use latest EnsureIT (5.2.3)
  • fixed an issue with pause functionality when beaming images to local renderer
  • fixed issue where invoking [PV DownloadManager DTCP Move cancel] may cause a crash
  • fixed that de-selected Media Library/Photos were still accessible
  • fixed the issue that after disabling/enabling all shares the item count remained zero
  • iOS: database and other paths saved as absolute paths
  • iOS: fixed a bug in NMCMetadata that prevented discovery of album art when AlbumArtURI was parsed as NSDictionary
  • iOS: fixed an issue with metadata parsing in NMCMediaResource
  • iOS: fixed video thumbnails
  • missing HW-AES initialization added to fix hardware AES support
  • removed confidential information from logging for multi user mode

QA information

CTT passed
MCVT passed
UPnP CTT 2.0.51 passed
LPTT 1.22.4 passed 
LPTT CVP 2.0.16 passed



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