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New Features

  • added NMC_MDKEY_PLAYBACK keys for continuous media playback position
  • added new API NMC RPC reset_audiobook_position
  • added new API RPC play_from_position
  • added new API tm_dmrcp/dmscp_reset_audiobook_position[_async]
  • added new API tm_dmrcp_play_from_position2 with additional parameter nPositionBytes
  • audiobook support: added audiobook bookmark and object type
  • audiobook support: renderer play position is periodically saved for audiobooks
  • Twonky SDK Premium now available for Android
  • added support for SSO functionality on Android
  • added new asynchronous method variants to TSDK on iOS that use return blocks instead of listener
  • added support for SSO functionality for iOS


  • TLS 1.2 support
  • support for block-cipher in TLS for online services like Dropbox
  • added client adaptation support to RSS by adding X-PV-CLIENTNAME header entry
  • added event handling to rpc API
  • added ini property escape_json to configure escaping of JSON feeds
  • added metadata to device information if a device is a TV, mobile or music player
  • added parent container properties to RSS response
  • added reason for critical error to NMC_STATE_KEY_CRITICAL_ERROR notification
  • enabled persistent connection for queue handler communication
  • enabled persistent connections for SOAP requests
  • improved queue playback on Kodi/XBMC
  • queue item bookmarks can be used to restore browse position on server
  • removed bookmarks for common playlists and myTwonky nodes
  • implemented workaround for metadata duration parsing for Lollipop devices
  • improved download manager to recreate download list from local server on Android
  • removed SHARE_ITUNES setting on Android
  • removed getLocalFileObjectID API on Android
  • added RPC helper functions for configuring Twonky stack at runtime on iOS
  • removed TMSOptionShareiTunes and getLocalFileObjectID APIs on iOS

Bug Fixes

  • Web API: well-known bookmarks were not JSON escaped
  • fixed JSON escape of apostrophe
  • fixed TLS-failure with Flickr
  • fixed issue where go bookmark failed if item references an invalid parent container
  • fixed issue where twonkylib did not start properly on mobile platforms
  • fixed issues with XBMC and picture beaming
  • fixed skipping between tracks when beaming to Samsung TV series F
  • deprecated cache and managedlist classes in TSDK Android
  • fixed multiple issues in MediaResource class on Android
  • cloud script authentication on iOS no longer blocks for m4a content on Dropbox
  • fixed issue with iOS photo access dialog being shown erroneously when only sharing music

Known Issues

  • LDMR with customer set UDN is treated as 3rd party DMR by remote queue handlers
  • LG TV Series 6 only displays video subtitles of first video in queue
  • Roku does not support seek for music
  • go_parent() sometimes does not recover the position within the parent container
  • local renderer setting remains disabled after setting it private in general settings on Android
  • async go directory may incorrectly go to server level right after startup
  • changes in twonky-startup.txt does not have any effect if application is upgraded in place on iOS
  • issues with XBMC and picture beaming
  • CTT fails for DMC test (bug filed with DLNA) #won't fix
  • Beaming issues
    • XBox360 does not support beaming online content
    • cannot beam multiple items to Xbox One #won't fix#


QA information



UCTT 2.0.62

LPTT 2.0.29



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