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  • MKV scanner uses the creation file time for dc:date if other values are not found in the metadata
  • added device adaptation for OPPO BDP-103
  • embedded albumart is extracted from OGG files
  • improved performance for toggling the "available for aggregation" setting

Bug fixes

  • CDS:CreateReference for user created playlists wrongly increased the number of items
  • CDS:Destroy Object of non-existing playlist entry did not return an error code
  • client-db was not saved to disk when server in sleep mode is shutdown
  • container album art for embedded PNG returned converted JPEG
  • fixed a bug in bitrate parsing for ALAC files
  • fixed an issue with empty user created playlists
  • fixed invalid buffer access when parsing JPGs with GPS coordinates
  • fixed profile-matching for DLNA MCVT test tool due to changed bitrate-unit
  • ituneslib ini parameter was not set on MacOS when ini file was deleted
  • original license status is no longer overwritten when entering trial-expired condition
  • queue exported playlists could not be uploaded
  • renaming a media item was not always recognized by the server (only after explicit rescan)
  • rpc/rescan did produce a number of additional threads that are not needed
  • some foreign servers had been automatically set to enabled in aggregation servers list

Known issues

  • LG TV Series 6 does not displays video subtitle of a video when advancing automatically to the video in a queue
  • audiobooks cannot be aggregated
  • duration calculation of MPEG2TS files is not accurate if timeseek generation is disabled
  • media item can be duplicated following a change in its metadata
  • mp4 thumbnail generation is broken
  • UPnP inspector gets confused when Twonky Server provides multiple artist tags with different roles
  • error in Mac OS logs for filedb-delete is actually only a warning; operation is not impacted
  • occasionally, Twonky license key input results in "invalid key" on Linux systems
    • workaround: remove the appdata folder and try again
  • thumbnails of some rotated images do not show up correctly in webUI
  • sometimes webUI with Opera does not show any thumbnails

QA information



UCTT 2.0.63

LPTT 2.0.29



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