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Some security issues have been identified in the REST APIs of the control point that is embedded in Twonky Server since 7.0.

Security Fixes

Known Issues

  • LG TV Series 6 does not displays video subtitle of a video when advancing automatically to the video in a queue
  • Roku does not support seek for music
  • SDK allows to beam media items with unsupported DLNA profiles as it only matches mime types
  • Twonky Server interferes AirTunes playback with Denon AVR-4311, as workaround disabling AppleTV support with disable_dmr_plugins=1 solves this
  • beaming media from Mediatomb to Samsung TV D series does not work
  • multi-user content cannot be beamed to remote Twonky renderer
  • changes in twonky-startup.txt does not have any effect if application is upgraded in place on iOS
  • cannot beam multiple items to Xbox One



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