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New Features

  • IPv6 support
  • support for DIAL devices and related APIs
  • Android 6.0 support


  • added HTTP handlers for /resources and /images
  • RSS feeds no longer return pre-scaled but original sized album art
  • added DMRCP_IOCTL_RELOAD_HAS_TWONKY to reload installation status of Twonky on DIAL device
  • added DMRCP_IOCTL_SHOW_DIAL_DEVICES to list DIAL devices
  • added Roku lost detection when device is idle
  • added option DMRCP_IOCTL_LAUNCH_TWONKY to wait for Twonky DMR when launched via DIAL
  • added proxying of album art uri in tm_dmrcp_create_metadata
  • disabled hostname resolution for direct URLs in tm_dmrcp_add_metadata as this screwed up beaming from services like AWS
  • enhanced return code of RPC search API
  • now friendlyname and model from Roku device description is used instead of fixed values
  • added isStreamActive to query if server is streaming [Android only]
  • added setRendererPlaysAll to treat all content as being supported [Android only]
  • added showDialDevicesAsRenderers to list DIAL devices [iOS and Android]
  • removed deprecated cache and managed list classes [Android only]
  • updated image scaler used by Twonky server to support new scale modes [Android only]
  • added getStreamActiveStatus for checking if local server is actively streaming [iOS only]
  • added new renderer event for Play Speed change [iOS only]
  • added support in LDMR for handling Play Ready initiator [iOS only]
  • disabled check to prevent beaming items to renderers based on their protocol info, as this information is not reliable

Bug Fixes

  • fixed possible endless loop in XML parser in case of corrupted XML
  • fixed a deadlock in AirPlay and Roku communications
  • fixed deadlock when device has DLNA DMR and ChromeCast [Android only]
  • fixed issue where twonkylib did not start properly on mobile platforms
  • fixed issue with running out of renderer contexts
  • fixed skip while paused on Apple TV 2nd Gen in web UI
  • fixed that multi-user content could not be beamed to remote Twonky renderer
  • fixed issues with local playback due to deprecated player classes in iOS9 [iOS only]
  • fixed that third party stop detection for Samsung TVs did not work reliably
  • fixed that renderer lost events were not notified

Known Issues

  • cloning multi-user content to other DMR does not work
  • third party stop detection for Samsung TVs does not work reliable
  • changes in twonky-startup.txt does not have any effect if application is upgraded in place on iOS
  • Roku does not support seek for music
  • Twonky Server interferes AirTunes playback with Denon AVR-4311, as workaround disabling AppleTV support with disable_dmr_plugins=1 solves this
  • Beaming issues
    • beaming media from Mediatomb to Samsung TV D series does not work
    • cannot beam multiple items to Xbox One



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