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  • NMC RPC call "SetIniProperty" and "GetIniProperty" are now handled by Twonky Server to unify the security checks
  • RSS feeds require now less memory
  • added DDKeyServiceControlURLPrefix to get service control URL [iOS only]
  • added INI option "enable_multihome" to configure multihome support
  • added INI option "enablenmcwebapi" for support of "local access only" of the NMC RPC/RSS
  • added LDMR hook tm_ldmr_play_from_position_t
  • added MDKeyWellKnownBookmark [iOS only]
  • added NMC_DDKEY_SERVICE_CONTROL_URL_PREFIX to get service control URL
  • added SERVICECONTROLURLPREFIX metadata key to get service control URL [Android only]
  • added a new local renderer class that uses AVFoundation framework [iOS only]
  • added client adaptation for Samsung TV K series
  • added connection timeout support to AndroidLocalRenderers class [Android only]
  • added functions tm_nmc_invoke_soap_action[_async] to invoke arbitrary SOAP actions
  • added invokeSoapAction APIs to invoke any SOAP action [iOS only]
  • added loadMetadata API to RendererContext [Android only]
  • added new methods invokeSoapAction[async] to invoke any SOAP action [Android only]
  • added new playback related error code NMCResultPlayPreparation [iOS only]
  • added new playback related error code PLAY_PREPARATION [Android only]
  • added new renderer event onRendererPlaySpeedChanged [Android only]
  • added new setUserAgent API in NMCMediaControl [iOS only]
  • added setRendererPlaysAll to treat all content as being supported [iOS only]
  • added support for empty metadata in SetAVTransportURI
  • added support for playFromPosition hook in local renderer [iOS only]
  • added support for playFromPosition hook in local renderer [Android only]
  • added suppression of beaming unsupported GIF to Samsung TV
  • added tm_queue_get_current_playindex to help to identify an invalid play index
  • enabled Bitcode support [iOS only]
  • flac can now be beamed to ChromeCast [Android and iOS]
  • improved foreign character handling for mp3
  • improved log messages shown during shutdown
  • improved queue handling when deleting items from the queue [iOS only]
  • improvement robustness of ChromeCast beaming [Android only]
  • play invocation returns now transition not available error if renderer is busy
  • refusing now most invocations on Samsung F and H series while preparing playback
  • updated image scaler used by Twonky server to support new scale modes [iOS only]

Bug Fixes

  • FireTV metadata was incomplete when Twonky DMR was already started during discovery
  • FireTV metadata was missing when showing DIAL devices in renderer list was enabled after discovery was completed
  • enabled IPv6 support by default for iOS & Android
  • fixed a bug with IPv6-clients not beeing able to access the server. All IPv6-clients are now enabled by default
  • fixed a deadlock when application creates server context in state callback [Android only]
  • fixed an issue where Android Chromecast LDMR reports error when playback is started for the first time and anytime when playback is stopped [Android only]
  • fixed an issue where Chromecast receiver app didn't close when beaming was stopped. [Android only]
  • fixed an issue where LocalServer doesn't start on some Android devices [Android only]
  • fixed an issue where MediaObjectMetadata was sometimes returning thumbnail image as direct media item for video or audio [Android only] 
  • fixed an issue where deleting files with Japanese file names from the local server wasn't working [iOS only]
  • fixed an issue where shared directory has improper path after upgrading app [iOS only]
  • fixed crash upon network change because volume was fetched from a non connected device [Android only]
  • fixed detection of Samsung TV F and J series
  • fixed identification of Apple TV
  • fixed license-key deactivation when experiencing network errors on MAC Mini with activated Wi-Fi
  • fixed possible crash when cloning large audio queues
  • fixed possible hang when changing networks containing Apple TV
  • fixed possible longer delays when retrieving properties from Apple TV
  • fixed possible longer delays when retrieving properties from Roku
  • fixed race-conditions in asynchronous function handling
  • fixed that test LDMR sometimes did not fire play speed events
  • fixed that the user-agent of the application set before the start of the stack was not properly appended to the default user-agent
  • fixed that tm_dmscp_get_scaled_image_url returned invalid URLs for AV items and that scales below the smallest available thumbnail were not available from Twonky Server, tm_nmc_get_best_thumbnail_uri uses an improved logic to find an appropriate thumbnail
  • picture beaming to "Twonky at Fire TV" was broken after system restart
  • resolved problems when accessing the config-pages over IPv6 addresses
  • seek is now done when queue is moved to Chromecast [Android only]
  • sometimes the LDMR could not be network enabled after restarting the stack [Android and iOS only]

Known Issues

  • cloning queue with multi-user items to other DMR does not work
  • Roku does not support seek for music
  • Twonky Server interferes AirTunes playback with Denon AVR-4311, as workaround disabling AppleTV support with disable_dmr_plugins=1 solves this
  • beaming media from Mediatomb to Samsung TV D series does not work
  • changes in twonky-startup.txt does not have any effect if application is upgraded in place on iOS
  • only ASCII and Korean can be read from ASCII tagged MP3 metadata [Android only]

    • cannot beam multiple items to Xbox One



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