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New Feature

  • "diskless server" which stores the database for each USB drive on the drive itself
    In case of multiple USB drives, the database was in the past stored on the drive that was first plugged in. When that drive was removed the media on the remaining USB drives had to be rescanned. From 8.3 onwards, multiple databases are supported. Those are stored on each USB drive individually. This also improves the performance when an USB drive is re-plugged beacuse only new items have to be scanned.


  • Twonky now supports beaming to Chromecast devices also from Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • restructured Twonky Server configuration pages to easier find the individual config options
  • added an initial setup page for madatory settings
  • added config option title_from_filename_for_non_utf8 to handle files with bad embedded metadata
  • added device adaptation for JRiver Media Center
  • added port number to list of network interfaces on the server status pages
  • PCs or mobile phones that can run multiple UPnP software stacks are now listed only once in the Twonky Server device list
  • distinguish during initial scan in rpc call info_status between adding files or just validating files if cached navigation tree was loaded successfully
  • improved ASF file parser to support WM/Year property in long format
  • improved checking of filename convention for recorded .wtv files
  • improved client adaptation for the LG TV Series 5 2015
  • improved database performance using buffered I/O
  • improved support for Asian languages on Mac OS
  • new config option to set the maximum picture resolution delivered by the server to scale down huge images automatically to the given resolution
  • reduced discovery delays in case of network changes
  • removed support of .dat files which do not have a specific media type (used by several applications) and therefore can not be served as media
  • setting a different codepage to update the language settings now restarts the server
  • when multiple servers are found on a single IP, Twonky Aggregation Server now has priority over others.

Bug fixes

  • Internet Radio stations serving .m3u playlists within .m3u files are now served correctly.
  • Windows mountpoint path to subfolder of removable media fixed.
  • added missing initialization for SSDP-multicast
  • aggregation auto-copy did not start right after the change of aggregation mode
  • extracted "number of this disk" property from MP4 files to improve sorting on some navigation trees
  • fixed CTT failure for huge albumart
  • fixed URL to in start menu
  • fixed bad formed protocol-info for items with unknown mime-type
  • fixed dc:date property in long format with invalid time T00:00:00 part
  • fixed duration of some DLNA test files (MP2TS)
  • fixed handling of ignore files in evented subfolders 
  • fixed installation problems for user without admin rights on Windows
  • fixed issue that local SSDP does not always work properly after network cable disconected
  • fixed issue where DTCP activation cache is not populated correctly [iOS only]
  • fixed possible bind-issues in the SSDP heartbeat
  • fixed possible crash on Windows shutdown
  • fixed possible termination of the inotify handler thread on Linux when a share was removed
  • fixed support for multiple mp3 genre
  • fixed that a hidden Twonky Server would appear in the network when changing its name
  • fixed that change of friendlyname was not correctly announced to the network
  • fixed the creation of albumart-URI according to all defined scaling-parameters
  • fixed wrong child count for empty user generated playlists
  • for removable media on Windows there is no longer a pop-up window "drive not ready" when the media is removed
  • implemented propagation of uninstall-size information to Windows 10 control panel for installed applications
  • pretend being an old Twonky 6 client to discover and browse QNAP TurboNAS DLNA server, which otherwise blocks the access
  • prioritization of wired network connection in multi home environment now working properly
  • scaled AlbumArt (160x160) no longer becomes the default albumArt when loaded a second time
  • setting a user was not possible when multiple clients share same IP address
  • skip e-books when importing metadata from itunes
  • track number in playlist starts at 1 and no longer at 0

Known issues

  • fixed that in the web UI the list of servers available for aggregation was incomplete
  • on Android the server does a frequent lookup of server managed directories if these do not exist
  • the control point window from the web UI sometimes sticks to mouse pointer
  • "My Russound" app does not show the correct album art when used with Twonky Server
  • UPnP inspector gets confused when Twonky Server provides multiple artist tags with different roles
  • audiobooks can not be aggregated by other Twonky Servers
  • beaming media from Mediatomb to Samsung TV D series does not work
  • duration calculation of MPEG2TS files is not accurate if timeseek generation is disabled
  • error in Mac OS logs for filedb-delete is actually only a warning; operation is not impacted
  • occasionally, Twonky license key input results in "invalid key" on Linux systems. (workaround: remove the appdata folder and try again)
  • thumbnails of some rotated images do not show up correctly in webUI
  • updating from 7.x to 8.0 with preserve settings leaves some files in c:\

QA information



UCTT 2.0.70

LPTT 2.0.36



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