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  • Twonky now supports beaming to Chromecast devices also from Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • added QNAP TurboNAS media server as known server with support of some well-known bookmarks
  • added new LocalServerOption TITLE_FROM_FILENAME_FOR_NON_UTF8 [Android Only]
  • enhanced thumbnail for pictures when browsing all pictures
  • improved performance when beaming high bitrate content imported via iTunes [iOS only]
  • poll Apple TV state only during playback
  • poll Roku states only while it is being controlled
  • reduced discovery delays in case of network changes
  • resource selection added to local image renderer 
  • skip queue item if preloading is enabled and it fails

Bug Fixes

  • added download content type into downloaded item's metadata dictionary to be retrieved with key DLMKeyDownloadContentType
  • added missing initialization for SSDP-multicast
  • fixed Chromecast renderer support
  • fixed NullpointerExeception that happens when pressing back key before server content is shown.
  • fixed an issue where LocalServer failed to start on some Android 6 devices [Android only]
  • fixed crash that happened when browsing D-Link DIR-860L router
  • fixed deadlock that occurred fetching server name
  • fixed discovery and browsing QNAP TurboNAS DLNA server
  • fixed discovery of Lynx Media Player when FireTV was connected and removed from network
  • fixed issue that local SSDP does not always work properly after network cable disconected
  • fixed issue where DTCP activation cache is not populated correctly [iOS only]
  • fixed issue where content was not shown on local server
  • fixed issue with LDMR state listeners [iOS only]
  • fixed issue with asynchronous teardown of LDMR [iOS only]
  • fixed issue with generating album artwork for the iTunes content being shared [iOS only]
  • fixed issue with premium playback screenshot detection [iOS only]
  • fixed logic for resetting native player in LDMR [iOS only]
  • fixed null pointer exception in image view manager [Android only]
  • fixed possible bind-issues in the SSDP heartbeat
  • fixed possible crash when modifying shared content [Android only]
  • fixed possible deadlock when contexts were simultaneously created and deleted
  • fixed repeated network changed notifications in an IPv6 network [iOS and Android only]
  • fixed that DIAL devices not supporting Twonky could be listed as renderer
  • fixed that LDMRs go offline when network visibility is disabled or the network is shut down
  • fixed that a hidden Twonky Server would appear in the network when changing its name
  • fixed that an invalid bookmark was returned after entering an empty well-known bookmark container
  • fixed that item added to the queue was not played in repeat queue mode in in case the last item was currently being played
  • keep Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast offline in renderer list if removed from the network
  • media items are now left aligned in grid.
  • slideshow will skip immediately to next image if renderer reports an error
  • track number in playlist starts at 1 and no longer at 0
  • wrong server had been selected as local server in Beam Content activity [Android only]

Known Issues

  • TSDK crashes if goBookmark method is called with null bookmark [Android only]
  • cloning queue with multi-user items to other DMR does not work
  • enabling the Chromecast LDMR can lead to an endless loop [Android only]
  • Roku does not support seek for music
  • Twonky Server interferes AirTunes playback with Denon AVR-4311, as workaround disabling AppleTV support with disable_dmr_plugins=1 solves this
  • beaming media from Mediatomb to Samsung TV D series does not work
  • cannot beam multiple items to Xbox One
  • changes in twonky-startup.txt does not have any effect if application is upgraded in place [iOS only]
  • only ASCII and Korean can be read from ASCII tagged MP3 metadata [Android only]



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