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  • enhanced thumbnail resolution when browsing all pictures

Bug fixes

  • fixed NullpointerExeception that happened when pressing back key before server content was show
  • fixed crash that happened when browsing D-Link DIR-860L router
  • fixed deadlock that occurred fetching server name
  • fixed issue where content was not shown on local server
  • media items are now left aligned in grid

Known issues

  • Android native player sometimes crashes when playing 4K video
  • duration is not fetched and progress bar not shown for some songs
  • empty grey screen is shown when scrolling down quickly while the media category is still loading
  • server does not leave network or re-announces itself when Media Type Filter is changed
  • servers suddenly appear in the browse rows instead of media container details
  • the server visibility setting does not work
  • playback of queued photos stops if an unplayable photo is encountered
  • IllegalStateException while backing out from a server view before it loads


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