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  • IOCTL DiscoverDevice now automatically handles URLs for old and new Twonky Servers
  • NDK APP_PLATFORM version is now set to 10 as it is expected that support for Froyo and older to be dropped. [Android only]
  • added a new protocol MediaChangeListener [iOS only]
  • added new API to PVDownloadManagerInterface: getItemByUniqueKey [iOS only]
  • added new API to iOSAVRenderer2 that returns AVPlayerLayer instance. [iOS only]
  • added retry logic to image scaler [Android only]
  • improved discovery of Chromecast devices
  • play invocation returns now also error NO_SUPPORTED_OBJECTS in repeat single mode, when selected item fails to play
  • twonkylib is now compiled using armeabi-v7a architecture and android-8 platform [Android only]
  • updated premium SDK to utilize EnsureIT 7.2.0 [iOS only]

Bug Fixes

  • disabled SetNextTransportURI support for Samsung TV H series as this was causing numerous connection issues and timeouts
  • fixed beaming to Denon DWS-1000
  • fixed certificate verification in TLS-module
  • fixed crash if goBookmark method is called with null bookmark [Android only]
  • fixed crash if server is stopped shortly after start
  • fixed crash on shutdown
  • fixed escaping of titles in the parent lists in the RSS server feeds
  • fixed incorrect duration for some videos [iOS only]
  • fixed issue where ChromeCast renderer send stopped event between transitioning and playing events.
  • fixed memory-leak in TLS-module
  • fixed name handling for Chromecast devices
  • fixed possible buffer overrun when verifying server locations [iOS only]
  • fixed retry option for DTCP Move downloads
  • fixed that cache was not cleared if a server was rediscovered
  • fixed that global slideshow configurations were not applied to new renderers

Known Issues

  • cloning queue with multi-user items to other DMR does not work
  • enabling the Chromecast LDMR can lead to an endless loop [Android only]
  • Roku does not support seek for music
  • Twonky Server interferes AirTunes playback with Denon AVR-4311, as workaround disabling AppleTV support with disable_dmr_plugins=1 solves this
  • beaming media from Mediatomb to Samsung TV D series does not work
  • cannot beam multiple items to Xbox One
  • changes in twonky-startup.txt does not have any effect if application is upgraded in place [iOS only]
  • only ASCII and Korean can be read from ASCII tagged MP3 metadata [Android only]


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