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Twonky Server


  • added pv:media360 UPnP property to tag virtual reality or panoramic media content

  • added adaptation for Samsung TV N series

  • improved background thumbnail generation task

  • improved file scanner to find more metadata within .mp4 files

  • improved security checks in RPC call input

  • improved security with restricted RPC calls

  • improved the .mp4 scanner robustness

  • improved file scanner for .wav files

Bug fixes

  • fixed crash when AppleTV 5 is in the network

  • fixed endless scan after use of RPC share_local_file

  • fixed metadata parser for .flac audio content

  • fixed mp4 parser that skipped some metadata

  • fixed possbile crash when beaming to some Sonos devices

  • fixed retrieval of album arts located at the end of large music items

  • fixed security issue for some rpc calls

  • fixed support of non-ASCII characters in the web UI

QA information



UCTT 2.0.72



Twonky Client Components


  • added adaptation for Samsung TV N series

Bug Fixes

  • fixed a crash occuring during network change
  • fixed crash when AppleTV 5 is in the network

Known Issues

  • Chromecast receiver app remains in loading state when beaming unsupported content.
  • playing next item sometimes fails on Chromecast
  • seek doesn't work when playing premium content from some recorders


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