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Based on 7.2.5

New features

  • VidiPath (formerly known as CVP-2):
    • DIAGE added
    • EnergyManagment:1 service added
    • MPEG Dash server side support added
    • low power endpoint added 
    • DLNA DTCP-DASH-profile support added


  • TLS
    • TLS-extensions (RFC 4366) for CVP-2
    • certificates issued by CyberTrust are accepted
    • improved version-handling of different TLS versions
    • support for X509 certificates with EC-DSA
  • VidiPath
    • AVC_MP4_MP_SD profile support added
    • DASH_AVC_MP4_HD and DASH_AVC_TS_HD_ISO profiles supported
    • improved RUIHSRC to offer only existing playspeed values
  • string pool performance improved
  • device adaption can now handle different aspect ratio requirements from different devices
  • improved WD TV photo browsing performance when convert is not installed
  • improved robustness and mem usage of persistent views
  • sanity checks for INI file settings of Twonky Server are now done before Twonky Server is started or initialized
  • scale mode can now be specified by client as part of JPEG URLs
  • thumbnail generation tool for mp4 videos now available on Mac
  • timeseek support for
    • AAC_ADTS_320 and AAC_ISO_320 added
    • AVC_MP4_MP_SD and AVC_MP4_HP_HD added
  • unused pv:crosslink properties have been remove to reduce memory consumption and improve performance
  • improved CMS:GetProtocolInfo to create the ProtocolInfo dynamically based on the shared content.
  • location of '' is now configurable on Linux.
  • webUI: renderer controller now supports seek

Bug fixes

  • fixed music playback for AppleTV
  • removed confidential information from logging for multi user mode
  • missing HW-AES initialization added to fix hardware AES support
  • Mac Uninstall does now remove the "Twonky Library"
  • added DTCP_ prefix for non-mpeg files
  • added missing childcounts to XML
  • always enable time-seek for MPEG_TS_JP_T to pass CTT
  • cleanup db/watch files after share folder removed
  • first change of settings on Mac no longer requires restart
  • fixed DTCP-IP MPEG streaming, frame-alignment can be no longer beyond content-size
  • fixed aspect ratio in Album Art extractor/generator
  • fixed content-length for DTCP playspeed file
  • fixed offset calculation for negative playspeed values
  • fixed playspeed support with DTCP
  • fixed proxy module not properly shutting down
  • fixed that Twonky Server did not restart the ssdp thread after changes to the ini file
  • fixed that Twonky Server terminated with a critical error when deactivating the upload feature with an rpc call
  • fixed timeseek for audio required for RUIHSRC
  • fixed wrong DLNA profile for O-AVC_MP4_HP_HD-07
  • if secure_folder could not be created the server terminates now properly
  • video thumbnails do now honor the aspect ratio of the video
  • views-cache is cleared during database-rebuild
  • webUI is now able to display All Photos when more than 30000 photos are shared

Known issues

  • auto update of Device DB requires a server restart
  • nested folders can cause issues with multi-user setup
  • sometimes webUI with Opera does not show any thumbnails
  • thumbnails of rotated images do not show up correctly in webUI
  • upgrading the server on Windows creates database files in the root directory

QA information

CTT passed
MCVT passed
UPnP CTT 2.0.51 passed
LPTT 1.22.4 passed 
LPTT CVP 2.0.16 passed


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