General Questions

If you found your Twonky server displaying this error in the last few hours:
This key is already in use by another instance of the server

Please restart your Twonky to fix the problem. No matter if you already restarted it before, please restart it again.

Best regards,
Twonky Support Team

What is a Media Server?

A DLNA/UPnP Media Server enables you to share your media libraries of digital videos, photos and music in your home with other connected devices. A Media Server can act as content source for Digital Media Renderers or Digital Media Players.

How to report a problem?

If you have a problem that is not covered by this FAQ you can send an email to

Please include at least the following information in your request:

  • Where is Twonky Server installed (Windows 7,8,10/Mac/Linux/NAS)?
  • Which version of Twonky Server is installed?
  • A short description of the problem!

How to install Twonky Server on a QNAP NAS?

Download the QPKG file for your NAS to your computer. Afterwards you have to open the "App Center" on your QNAP NAS and click the gear-wheel in the upper right corner. There you have to select the QPKG file that you just downloaded on your computer and click install.

The QPKG packages are available on the download page of the twonkyforum.

I need an older version of Twonky Server. Where can I get that?

Older versions of Twonky Server are available for download on the download page of the twonkyforum.

Using Twonky Server

How do I access the Twonky Server settings?

On Windows and MacOS you can open the settings from the Twonky Server icon in the tray menu/menu bar. In addition, Twonky Server settings can also be accessed directly from a browser. The address is http://ip-of-twonky:port/webconfig. ip-of-twonky and port have to be replaced with the actual IP address of the device running Twonky Server and the Twonky Server port. The port is usually 9000.

How do I share my media files with Twonky Server?

To make a folder accessible for your media players through Twonky Server you have to add that folder to the list of shared locations. Open the Twonky Server settings in a browser. Go to the Sharing page. There you can add and edit shares. If you share a folder all subfolders are shared too.

Which file types are supported by Twonky Server?

Twonky Server supports the following media formats (listed by file extension - some formats may have multiple extensions, like JPG, JPEG - but are only listed once):

  • Audio: LPCM (not supported as a file format), MP3, WMA,M4A, M4B, MP4, 3GP, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AAC, MP2, AC3, MPA, MP1, AIF, FLV, DSD, M4P
  • Playlists: M3U, M3U8, PLS, WPL

Metadata is automatically extracted from most formats.

How can I get thumbnails for my videos?

Twonky Server can provide album art for items and containers. For media items the following steps are taken to provide the best possible album art.

  1. Twonky Server (TS) will try to extract embedded album art from mp3, mp4, ogg, wma, wmv and jpg files.
  2. In case TS did not find embedded album art in the media item itself, it will look for a file that has the same filename as the content, but with extension `jpg` or 'thm'.
  3. Twonky will also look for the following files: Folder.jpg, AlbumArtSmall.jpg, folder.jpg

How do I setup FFMPEG with Twonky Server?

Here is a detailed description how to setup FFMPEG to generate video thumbnails in Twonky Server.

Twonky Server asks for login credentials but I cannot remember the username and password. What can I do?

A password can be set by accident after you enabled the Multiuser feature. The default credentials are:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin.

The username and password are stored in the servers .ini file. The file is called "twonkyserver.ini". You can remove the password when you either delete the entries for "accessuser=" and "accesspwd=" in the .ini file or delete the complete ini file. In both cases Twonky Server has to be shut down before making the changes.

On most platforms the .ini file is deleted when Twonky Server is uninstalled. Therefore the password protection is removed when you uninstall and reinstall Twonky Server.

How can I install Twonky Server 8.4 and beyond as a Windows Service?

To install Twonky Server as a system service on Windows you have to open a commandline interface as administrator and execute the command "twonkystarter.exe -installandstart" in the Twonky Server installation directory.

  1. To open a commandline as administrator use the search from the start menu and type cmd. Open cmd.exe with a right click and select "Run as administrator".
  2. In the commandline navigate to the directory where Twonky Server was installed. If you installed Twonky Server in the default directory use the following command: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Twonky\TwonkyServer
  3. Here you have to execute the command: "twonkystarter.exe -installandstart"

To uninstall the service again use the command "twonkystarter.exe -uninstall".


How does the trial license work?

For Twonky Server to operate in trial mode, you don't need any license key at all. Twonky Server will work, after initial installation and registration, for 30 days without any technical limitation. You can share as many content items as you like, stream to as many clients as you have and try all aspects of Twonky Server's functionality.

After 30 days, Twonky Server will stop sharing content. Its navigation tree will only show one content item, telling you that the trial phase has expired. At this point you have to decide if you want to buy a Twonky license key. If so, you can buy a license key from ''.

For which version of Twonky Server can I use my license key?

The license key for Twonky Server that you can purchase at the moment is valid for all versions of Twonky Server since 6.0 to the latest version.
The other way around, you can use any Twonky Server license key beginning from Twonky Server 6 with Twonky Server 8.
This includes also Twonky Manager license keys issued for Twonky Manager 2 or later.

Does my Twonky Server license key expire?

The Twonky Server license key is perpetual and does not expire.

I lost my license key. Where do I get it?

You can recover your Twonky Server license key on the lost license key page. You have to enter the email address that you used to purchase the license key in the form. Then you will receive an email with your license key to that email address. If cannot access this email anymore please contact

How do I create a Lynx account and register my license key?

Since Twonky Server 8.4 you are required to create a new Lynx account if you want to use Twonky Server. You cannot use the credentials that you used for buying Twonky Server at Digital River or the local credentials that secure your Twonky Server configuration pages to login to the Lynx account.

To create a new Lynx account open the Twonky Server configuration pages and use the "Register here" link. Once you have created your Lynx account you will receive an email to the address that you provided. Please use the link from that mail to verify your email address. Once you have verified your email address, you can login to Twonky Server.

If you have already purchased a license key at you will have to enter it by clicking the "License Key" button on the Twonky Server status page.

This will open the Twonky Server License Key page in your Lynx account. Please type in your license key and press "Enter".



Twonky Server 8.3 on Windows does not accept my license key. What can I do?

With Twonky Server 8.3 the installer was changed to install in user space. This can cause some issues with updating from a previous version that was installed as system service. It is therefore recommended to uninstall older Twonky Server versions before installing Twonky Server 8.3.

Twonky Server 8.3 can still be easily installed as a system service. Select "Custom Install" during installation and make sure the option to "Install Twonky Server as a system service" is checked.

Forgot the password to my Lynx account. What can I do?

You can reset the password for your Lynx account here:


How to take system logs in Twonky Server?

Here are the successive steps to configure the logging module of Twonky Server (8.0.3 or higher version) to generates a full log file.

  1. Enable logging for most of the modules and set the log level:
  2. Disable the log truncate and log rotation mechanism (This option will only be available in Twonky Server 8.0.1/8.1 and later.):
  3. Clear the log file:
  4. Reproduce the problem and retrieve the log file:

Afterwards you can reset the logging parameters to default values:


For more information about logging you can also have a look at

ip-of-twonky and port have to be replaced with the actual IP address of the device running Twonky Server and the Twonky Server port. The port is usually 9000.