Twonky Server

New features

CVP-2: DIAGE added

CVP-2: DLNA DTCP-DASH-profile support added

CVP-2: EnergyManagment:1 service added

CVP-2: MPEG Dash server side support added

CVP-2: low power endpoint added






TLS: TLS-extensions (RFC 4366) for CVP-2
TLS: certificates issued by CyberTrust are accepted
TLS: improved version-handling of different TLS versions
TLS: support for X509 certificates with EC-DSA
string pool performance improved
CVP-2: AVC_MP4_MP_SD profile support added
CVP-2: DASH_AVC_MP4_HD and DASH_AVC_TS_HD_ISO profiles supported
CVP-2: improved RUIHSRC to offer only existing playspeed values
Independent of external settings, time-seek for MPEG_TS_JP_T is always enabled to pass CTT
device adaption can now handle different aspect ratio requirements from different devices
improved CMS:GetProtocolInfo to create the ProtocolInfo dynamically based on the shared content
improved WD TV photo browsing performance when convert is not installed
improved robustness and mem usage of persistent views
location of '' is now configurable on Linux
rpc/info_status now also has information about number of scanned files in addition to shared items
rpc/resetclients no longer requires a server restart
sanity checks for INI file settings of Twonky Server are now done before Twonky Server is started or initialized
scale mode can now be specified by client as part of JPEG URLs
thumbnail generation tool for mp4 videos now available on Mac
timeseek support for AAC_ADTS_320 and AAC_ISO_320 added
timeseek support for AVC_MP4_MP_SD and AVC_MP4_HP_HD added
unused pv:crosslink properties have been remove to reduce memory consumption and improve performance
webUI: renderer controller now supports seek




Twonky Server - bug fixes




fixed music playback for AppleTV
Mac Uninstall does now remove the "Twonky Library"
added DTCP_ prefix for non-mpeg files
added missing childcounts to XML
cleanup db/watch files after share folder removed
first change of settings on Mac no longer requires restart
fixed DTCP-IP MPEG streaming, frame-alignment can be no longer beyond content-size
fixed aspect ratio in Album Art extractor/generator
fixed content-length for DTCP playspeed file
fixed offset calculation for negative playspeed values
fixed playspeed support with DTCP
fixed proxy module not properly shutting down
fixed that Twonky Server did not restart the ssdp thread after changes to the ini file
fixed that Twonky Server terminated with a critical error when deactivating the upload feature with an rpc call
fixed timeseek for audio required for RUIHSRC
fixed wrong DLNA profile for O-AVC_MP4_HP_HD-07
if secure_folder could not be created the server terminates now properly
missing HW-AES initialization added to fix hardware AES support
removed confidential information from logging for multi user mode
video thumbnails do now honor the aspect ratio of the video
web ui is now able to display All Photos when more than 30000 photos are shared




Twonky Server - known issues






Twonky Client SDK

Twonky Ref App iOS